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Oil Tank Removal with ProServe Removal

Oil tanks are hazardous and should be disposed of properly. ProServe Removal has the proper tools  and experience to get the job done.


Old oil tanks can leak, causing a massive mess around your property. Moreover, they need to be kept in good condition so that they will last longer. But if you don’t use them for a long time, they will begin to deteriorate over time.

Our oil tank removal service is efficient.

  • We will schedule a date and time to complete the job. 

  • Upon arrival we will determine what measures need to be to be taken in order to remove your tank safely.

  • Next, we will will pump out any remaining oil left in the tank. 

  • The oil tank is then cut open to expose the remaining sludge and is cleaned thoroughly.

  • The sludge will be transferred to steel drums later to be picked up by an environmental waste company


ProServe Removal will apply for local permits if the municipality requires them. 

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